Purple Floral Block Printed Cloth Napkins

$ 24.00

This set of four cloth napkins is made by hand-block printing traditional Indian motifs with a wooden block onto 100% cotton.

A revered art form native to Rajasthan, India, block printing is a painstaking process of labor-intensive steps that require mastery, especially in wood-block carving. Each color gets its own block and intricate designs can take several carvers days to create. Fabric is prepped with a mixture of herbs to make it absorbent for natural dyes extracted from plants, minerals and flowers. Artisans press the carved wood block with wet dye onto fabric and reapply at precise spots for pattern continuation. When the pattern is complete, the printed fabric is washed or boiled for the final color to come to surface. The color changes throughout the process — shade variations can be dramatic depending on a fabric’s exposure time in sunlight while drying. Due to their limited production batches, every piece has a distinctively handmade, unique and rich feel.

Fair Trade partner organizations have helped these artisans develop a water recycling program used during the blocking process. Water is reused up to 15 times which has saved 5 million liters of water per year and has immeasurable impact!

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