Hot Tagua! Coffee is not the only great thing to come from Colombia

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  Tagua, pronounced Taw-GWAH (rhymes with agua), is one of the hottest trends in eco-friendly jewelry and accessories. It is native to the Amazon region of the world, mostly harvested in the lush tropical forests of Colombia and Ecuador. Tagua nuts come from a palm tree that thrives naturally in the tropical Amazon basin. Local communities harvest the tagua nuts from pods that fall to the rainforest floor. The nuts, which are about the size and shape of an avocado seed, can be sliced or carved to make beautiful beads, buttons, figurines or jewelry accessories. The inside of the nut...

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International Field Trip! Alone! Am I crazy?!?!

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Catastrophic thinking aside, what often causes me the most anxiety about solo travel is filling the hours with myself. I’m an extrovert and of course I prefer to travel with good company. Being with people offers me a feeling of protection and validation that others want to hang with me (totally needy I know).

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