Who is KinShop?

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Tara and Bobbi dreamed up KinShop as a way to connect artisans in countries where we've traveled to markets in the US. In September 2014, KinShop Ethical Trading Partners was officially incorporated and we opened our virtual doors in November. Our goal is to make it easy for our consumers to participate in fair and sustainable trade.

Our vision is to become the direct connection between artisans and our consumers. By importing our products directly, we'll be able to ensure our mission is upheld, while building relationships and supporting economic development in other regions of the world. In the mean time, we are partnering with other groups that have established relationships and proven fair trade practices, to build our store and work our way up the supply chain. We carry quality handmade, sustainable, and responsible eco-chic jewelry, accessories and home decor that are relevant and attractive. We hope you'll stop by often to see what's new and incorporate ethically traded products into your life. 

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